Also, 5% of every sale goes to BRAVO- The Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization.  Meaning my $7 check from last month's retail sales has $.35 going into a little jar for the organization.  It's a start!  As business grows, I hope to increase it to 10%.  Keep an eye on the progress of the donation in the blog.

Welcome to my little nook in the internet.  My name is Chessia, and I am an illustrator from Columbus Ohio.  I am also a DJ who plays UK Hardcore, Gabba, J-core and Drum & Bass.  

Currently, I am in the process of fixing up this thing so that I can fit in with all of the cool kids.  But until Wix comes up with a way to port over Square Space stuff, I'm afraid this little corner will have to suffice (Seriously Square Space, fix your crap)

While my kickstarter fell through as of 2/9/15, it will be rebooted in the coming months when I have more resources.  I am trying to open up my own slipmat and decal shop alongside my illustration work.  It is going to take a lot of time, but I know I can pull through.  

My favorite mediums are cut paper, pen & ink, and 3D (as in 3D illustration, not computer related).  I work more traditional, but some coloring is done in Photoshop.