(I don't sleep much...)


Too bad I haven't been keeping up with it.... ;  ;

My name is Chessia, and mental illness is the source of my inspiration.  I grew up around psyche patients.  I had a very happy childhood and a loving family that supported every effort I made to benefit myself in both my music and my art.  We were all just a bit quirky.

My goal in life has always been to leave the world a better place and educate others with experiences.  In this day and age where nothing is certain, I seek to educate others with my work about how the world can be as messed up internally as it is externally.  I grew up reading Japanese comics and was (and still am) greatly inspired by the art of Ben Templesmith, Junji Ito, and Tsutomu Nihei.  I like to draw and portray the minds of people, the emotions that lurk deep within the surface.  I also like to create monsters based around the human psyche and environments that question what we see to what we know.  Information is the best tool for effective art, and I feel that art is information in its purest form .

I also like to draw fish...

My work has been featured everywhere, from rave flyers to logos, DJ mix covers to gallery shows around Ohio including Galleria Evangelia and Phia Salon. I have been featured in the Canton Museum of Art and and the Scholastics 2008 student show in North East Ohio. 

So feel free to browse, ask questions and/or leave some feedback.  I do sell prints and have an Etsy, so in the mean time if you are interested in purchasing any pieces, contact me at chessiatrick@gmail.com. 

Thank you for dropping by!