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Ohayocon 2015 and other thingies

Unfortunately, I will NOT have a new mix for Ohayocon this year.  I know it's been an annual tradition for quite some time, but with my kickstarter up and trying to get into local stores around the city, work comes first.  

If you are attending Ohayocon 2015, feel free to say hi.  I am NOT in artist alley this year, but I hope to be next year!  I will be cosplay Resident Evil 6 Ada and Buddy from Lisa: The Painful RPG.  I will also be Kumatora from MOTHER 3 at some point, not sure when.

Haven't played Lisa yet?  YOU SHOULD.

Ohio Turntable Stickers are on their way here, while the Support Independant Horror Developers are nearing completion.  I'm very excited to get these done!  The prototype for my slipmats has been ordered as well!! (Yay Christmas bonus from work!)


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